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Know me: speaking is a daunting task. When asked to give a speech, he will spend time thinking about what he meant, reviewing several versions of the speech and ending the speech. Now, the reason he does all this is because he knows the importance of public speaking and wants to influence his audience. Have you gotten a way if I can tell you to make sure you can contact your next audience before, during and after the presentation?

Say hello to social networks

We all live in a very special period. In recent years, “social networks”, widely defined as online communities, have developed around us. There is more than one, there are a few: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (ganhar seguidores no instagram), Pinterest, Tumbler, etc. To use social networks, you must first connect to one of the online networks and create them. a friend’s network

This will be your network of friends and will power your next presentation. If you agree to the next presentation, it will be important to find out who will be part of your audience. All you have to do is contact people who invite you to a speech and invite them to join your social media network. Joining multiple social media networks is often a good idea because you never know which networks are popular with that audience.

You must pay attention here. Many of us receive many invitations to permanently join other people’s social networks. Most of the time, we will eventually ignore them. When you ask members of a future audience to join your social network, you must tell them what will happen. I think the first thing you have to offer is to get yourself. Tell them that you will talk to them in the future and would like to contact them to find out more information they would like you to receive.

How to use social networks to drive your next speech?

One thing you want to use social media (ganhar seguidores no instagram) is to be excited about your next presentation. This can be done in many different ways. One of the best ways is to use photos. If you’re working on a specific topic (teamwork, ethics, communication, etc.), you can take pictures of people who are doing these things in their daily lives and posting them on social media channels. Another good thing is to take a snapshot of yourself on the table or table during the presentation. This will make everyone understand that you are trying to serve them!

The next thing you have to do is make sure everyone has the opportunity to get in touch with your presentation. It can mean many different things. One thing you can do is to record your speech at any time and post it on social media (if it suits the person you are asking for your speech). If you have already written a speech, you can also post a copy online so that interested parties can read it. The fact that someone cannot access his speech does not mean that they have no chance to listen to what he said.

Once your speech is over, your work has just begun. Now that you have invited your audience to your social network, you can easily find out what they think about your presentation. Yes, you think that some parts of your speech are powerful and motivating. But what did your audience really think of? Your audience will talk about your presentation in your social media publication, and you will want to read every comment you make. The best thing about social networking is that it is a two-way street. This means that if someone doesn’t like your speech and delivers a speech, you can read and find out why they don’t like your speech. All in all, what you learn from speeches on social media will help you improve your next presentation.

What does this mean for you?

Welcome to the 21st century, when we talk, it is not just a moment. Instead, it is likely to quickly become part of a larger social network. As a speaker, we need to understand the power of social media and find ways to use it to end our next stronger and more effective presentation by sharing the benefits of public speaking.

There are many different ways to do this. It all started before you gave a speech. You will have to join some social networks and build a network of friends. You must then contact the person who invited you to the presentation and invite your audience to join their network. When you’re working on a presentation or making sure your social network stays in sync with your progress, post an image about what you’re about to discuss. After completing your presentation, you should pay close attention to your social network. What do people say to you? Do you like it? Remember that social networks are two-way. You can interact with audience members and get more information from them.

When you are asked to give a speech, you may think that you are enough. All of these social networking things definitely seem to require a lot of extra work! However, once you realize that you can use social media by investing time and effort, you can connect with the audience before and after the presentation. This opens up a new, incredible door for you, where you can finally discover the true thoughts of your audience about your presentation!